ironman wiesdaben 70.3 european championship

Ironman 70.3 European Championship

Love & hate After the freezing, not-so-great experience in Motala, Sweden earlier this Summer, I was ready for the next challenge in Wiesbaden, Germany. I wanted to prove to myself that the form and fitness I experienced in my toughest training sessions would make a stand on race day. Training […]

Race briefing Ironman 70.3 Wiesbaden with Paul Kaye.


How to fail

When things go wrong After an exceptionally good season in terms of productive training, staying healthy and avoiding injuries, my first triathlon A-race was approaching – Long Distance Triathlon Open Swedish Championship and Pre-Worlds. I was in the shaped of my life, confident (almost too much) and ready to kick […]

Daniel Malmömilen

Racing fast & suffering

Pushing the limits To remind myself of this season’s main objective (to get super fast), I had two short races planned at the start of the racing period. Trelleborg triathlon – short sprint triathlon Malmömilen – 10-kilometer run race Training To do well in these events my training has been […]

2014-04-26 09.17.03

My first Duathlon

Klippan Duathlon 10 k run – 50 k bike – 5 k run Time: 2:23:00 – 2nd place overall Goal: Compete hard Training I train or I race. In my world you either train or you race, and racing as a training session is just a waste of time and money. […]


Sub 1:20 Half Marathon

Heleneholm’s Half Marathon Race The race is at a comfortable 10:45 am so there is no early-bird, before-sunrise wake-up call. Instead I have a regular Saturday breakfast with the family. Then I drop off my son at my mother’s house since my wife has a race of her own at […]

Goodbye cross bike. Hello tempo bike.


Races 2014

Races For the last 5 years my goal has been to quality for the Ironman World Championship in 2015 when I move up to age group 40-44. Being the youngest in an age group must be an advantage opposed to being the oldest, right? So this has been a tactical […]