ironman wiesdaben 70.3 european championship

Ironman 70.3 European Championship

Love & hate After the freezing, not-so-great experience in Motala, Sweden earlier this Summer, I was ready for the next challenge in Wiesbaden, Germany. I wanted to prove to myself that the form and fitness I experienced in my toughest training sessions would make a stand on race day. Training […]


How to fail

When things go wrong After an exceptionally good season in terms of productive training, staying healthy and avoiding injuries, my first triathlon A-race was approaching – Long Distance Triathlon Open Swedish Championship and Pre-Worlds. I was in the shaped of my life, confident (almost too much) and ready to kick […]

Daniel Malmömilen

Racing fast & suffering

Pushing the limits To remind myself of this season’s main objective (to get super fast), I had two short races planned at the start of the racing period. Trelleborg triathlon – short sprint triathlon Malmömilen – 10-kilometer run race Training To do well in these events my training has been […]


Races 2014

Races For the last 5 years my goal has been to quality for the Ironman World Championship in 2015 when I move up to age group 40-44. Being the youngest in an age group must be an advantage opposed to being the oldest, right? So this has been a tactical […]